Winter is here! I’ve been home for around a week and its been showing me the signs of winter! Waves have been pretty small, the air and the water has been cold, and fire’s in the fireplaces have been warm! I’ve done my best to keep warm by drinking coffee, eating soup for way too many meals, and lighting fires like a mad man. Although the lack of waves and warmth, its been really nice to be home. I have actually been spending a lot of time in the Channel Islands factory designing a few upcoming accessory projects (stay tuned for my info on those). Also, I’ve been driving Perry around in my truck going surfing, cooking up some mean BBQ’s , and I’ve been training almost everyday. Had a really nice day up north BBQing with my family and friends for a very belated birthday celebration. Conner is still in Hawaii waiting for the Haleiwa event to start because the waves have sucked. I hope it runs soon and he shreds so he can come home and hangout. It’s weird being home and not having him around. When he’s home he’s always looking at swell maps making sure where we surf will be the best place on that day, and when I’m home by myself I normally probably pick the worst waves on the whole coast to surf due to my severe case of being a grom. Anyways, just thought I’d throw up an update on the blog. Hopefully the waves get good so we can film and make our first winter edit for the blog 🙂

Jack Letinsky “From Where You’d Rather Be”

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