The Tails

The James Brand


I’m super excited about working with the James Brand. James is a brand originated by a legendary group of people from Oregon/CA focusing on making killer knives and owning the every day accessories of our pockets. I’ve carried knives for a long time and just found them super useful in my day to day life in and out of surfing. The idea behind James is to explore all of the other elements of our lives besides what we are “known” for. Obviously i love surfing and i spend a ton of time doing that, but outside of that i love family time, fishing, music, and cooking. Among other things. Before I headed out for Europe, the boys came and spent a day with me at home. I’d just caught a few fish the day before so we filleted those, did some work in the garden, played some music, and cruised around Santa Barbara Embry Rucker is an amazing photographer, epic human, and also part of the James Brand team. I’ll trickle out the photos from our day over the next little while!
For more on the James Brand click HERE for the website and pick up one of the many killer knives on there!!

North Shore #1


It’s been so fun to be back hanging on the north shore! It’s pretty wild to think that i’ve been over here every season since i was 12 years old! The waves haven’t been epic north shore conditions, but there’s been plenty of surf every day! Here are a few photos from a session out front by Ryan Miller and Trevor Moran.



It’s late to make it on the blog… But, here’s our jbay edit!!! Perry nailed it as always! Jbay is such an amazing wave and we scored so hard for the event!!! Miss it down there.



Here it is! “Year one” loosely follows my rookie year on the WSL world tour and sheds a light into what makes me tick as a competitor, surfer, and person. I love what I do and the people that I get to share my days with make them even better! I hope that every kid can get out and chase something that they are passionate about! Huge thank you to Ryan Perry and Jason Baffa for making this story come through in this video. Enjoy 🙂

“Year One” Premier


We had a blast last friday night premiering “year one” to an epic crew at the Lucky Llama Cafe! We partnered with “Young and The Brave”and we were able to raise 2000 dollars in donations! Huge thank you to everyone who came out and to Rincon Brewery and Figueroa Mountain Brewing company for all of the tasty beers! “Year One” Will be live tomorrow on the site! Also to all of the boys for coming out and jamming! I had a blast 🙂