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Here Fish Fishy….


“Here Fishy Fishy” started a few weeks ago when the White Seabass, ghost of the coast, started biting around Santa Barbara. Our family recently obtained a sweet little aluminum skiff for surf/fish missions and we figured it was time to start dialing this thing in. Our first mission we were a child taking our first few steps. Awkward, clueless, extremely curios, EXTREMELY unprepared, but we didn’t lack passion or persistence. I proceeded to scavenge our area for any tips i could get on catching these illusive fish. After another three missions in the tinny, we were beginning to get a feel for making it off the floor and slowly walking across the room. The comfort level began to grow, the sea legs were developing, and hell, we were even slightly prepared! My dad and I, as well as my good friend Adam at times, had spent many a hour bobbing around hoping we would see our poles getting bent. Don’t get my wrong, this made for some killer father son time and tons of laughs. So today feeling confident, we put the boat in in a thick fog bank, took a wave over the bow, soaked our gear and warm dry clothes, cell phones too, and bailed and putted our way through the dense fog hoping to find the bite. hmmm, are we having another shocker? After an hour of hunting down and battling kelp forests for squid (DAMN I THOUGHT I FINALLY HAD THIS SQUID THING DOWN!?!?!?!), we made bait, dropped anchor and posted up. Two baracuda and 5 spastic mackerel later, we got the bite were were looking for and we had a solid fish on. After about 15-20 minutes of battling this fish we finally got a look at it and I about jumped out of the boat after it! A beautiful White Seabass. The same fish that had been alluding us all these days and hours at sea. Alex patiently waited as i slowly hoisted the fish right up to the surface. A swift motion of the gaff and he pulled the beauty onto the boat. I let out some sort of absurd scream and couldn’t help but give Alex a bear hug.




Currently sitting on my bed with a huge hole in my foot, a gash in my right shoulder, and a near death experience to my name. As well as the beatings I took, I also made some of the best memories of my life. The trip was all based around filming for the new Volcom surf movie “Psychic Migrations.” It was a two part trip for me… the first part was to Macaroni’s with Andrew Doheny, Mitch Coleborn, and Ozzie Wright. Towards the tail end of that trip the swell of a life time popped up on the charts and I did everything I could to make my way over to Kan Dui for the swell. Sure enough, after a mission to get there, the waves showed up and definitely lived up to the hype. I had never seen waves like that before in my life. It was 10-12 feet and absolutely rifling down the reef into this psycho death closeout section. Safe to say it was a damn good month!!!!FullSizeRender 2 FullSizeRender IMG_0809 IMG_0872



REDirect Surf ‘California Fever’

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Excited to share this one! RP’s short film for the REDirect surf filmmaking competition. Eleven filmamkers were given a state of the art RED camera, and ten weeks to create an original and unique surf film. The winner gets to keep the camera!


FaCtoRy Part


Here it is! Thanks to ivan tanjung, jacob vanderwork, and sean benik for making this edit exist. And a huge thank you to Surfing Magazine for including me!!!!