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This is my first NSSA event that I had ever won when I was about 8 years old in the Open Mini Groms division at Huntington Beach. Looking back, this is probably the most important moment of my life haha. Right here, taking this photo was when I realized how much fun competitive surfing was to me and how bad I wanted to do it for the rest of my life. Just take a look at my ear to ear smile! Just moments after this photo was taken and I won my first contest, Brandon Guilmette, the Hurley team manager, walked up to me and asked me if I wanted to be apart of the Hurley surf team. I’m pretty sure I almost broke out in tears I was so excited. Since this moment, I have pretty much never looked back, and I tell you what, that smile is still there 11 years later after every heat win and every good session ! Parker Coffin022705

Tales of the North Shore: Haleiwa


Haleiwa wrapped up about a week ago, and damn was it a good event! It was so epic to finally have some pumping surf for an event, especially Haleiwa because it is such a fun wave. Joel was helping me out with the local knowledge in my heats (he lives across the street and is the biggest legend ever) and it was great hanging and surfing with him! He made it to the quarters himself. I was really hoping to make it to the final, but was stoked to get through a few heats and find a rhythm in the event after a tough year of contests. Perry was here to document it all and put this vid together!

Screen shot 2014-11-24 at 8.29.08 PM

Playlist: Neil Young-Ragged Glory


Playlist capability has been achieved on youngwisetails! Thanks to mark and the brains behind this web operation, we can now embed playlists out of spotify! And hopefully you can listen to them without necessarily having to sign up for Spotify, although you probably should because it kicks ass.

Anyways, this one is a Neil Young album, but technically it is Neil Young AND Crazy Horse. The Neil Young and Crazy Horse sound is rad. Super raw, super rock n’ roll and super jammy. It’s some of my favorite Neil Young to listen to. He’s always made it clear that his albums are meant to be listened to as a whole entity, and not just a song here and a song there. He looks to achieve a vibe from an album as a whole. A message, something to leave the listener with. I feel like this is very evident in this album!

Fred Stubble


The Fred Stubble is a slight spin off of the Fred Rubble. An inch or so off of each end, slightly wider outline, and tweaked concave in the bottom created an epic board for the every day beach mission, regardless of the conditions. It’s one of those boards that works in the smallest of waves but is fun up to head high. It’s the board that keeps me in the water every day at home, even when it’s near flat. Super fast, super skatie, yet still carvey. It’s been out for a while through Channel Islands, but we have just gotten around to making a video for it!

For more info on the Stubble head here:



The Triple Crown is here! The first day of the Haleiwa waiting period is tomorrow and I couldn’t be more psyched! The waves have been super fun the last few days and it’s great to be back on the North Shore cruising with Perry! We’ve been cracking it at Haleiwa super early the last few days. Today the swell jumped up to some serious size and it was pretty wicked and wooly. As always, their were some diamonds in the rough! I’m heat 11 tomorrow and the swell should still be pumping! Here’s some screen shots from the last few days.

Some presurf tips from Ronnie! Haleiwa master. yew!

Screen shot 2014-11-11 at 1.16.06 PM

One from this morning! It was pumping! 6’8″ K-Step up


Screen shot 2014-11-11 at 1.12.16 PM-1

Smaller yesterday, but super fun! 6’5 Taco Grinder

Screen shot 2014-11-11 at 1.17.32 PM-5