The Tails



We are super excited to launch LEUS !!! Check out the website HERE

As a brand our goal is to provide you with exciting quality towels that are going to brighten and add more fun to beach going, pool partying, laying out, rat tailing your friends, whatever it may be we’re going to keep it leus!

Towels are available VIA the website NOW! And in retailers mid march!

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Something To Get PSYCHED!


I can’t believe how fast this year has gone! Holy S*&%T!!! But here we are at the pipe masters (and i still can’t believe i’m in the pipe masters!!!). The forecast has been a difficult one and we had to get round 1 done at small backdoor and with the northerly swell direction it was more like snapper rocks than backdoor! Sunday is looking like some solid surf and hopefully good winds. This Live Sabbath show from the 70’s will be blasting in preparation for some pits!
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Coffin Brother’s Surf Out Vid!


Much overdue… our apologies!!! Maybe you have seen it on the YWT youtube channel. Anyways, we had an AMAZING day hanging out with all of the groms. It’s such an epic day to put on and we are so grateful for all of you guys who came out and participate and make it such a fun time. Big thank you to Surfhappens for making it happen as well as all of our sponsors!!!!

Parker Coffin x Youngwisetails Take 2


So… this edit came out a month ago and got taken down to music rights. I learned my lesson, went through the steps and bought the song, and then added a little something special to make it different.

I always watch my favorite regular foots as goofy foots so I can understand their surfing better and relate to the motions to improve. I thought it would be fun to do the same to my surfing so regular foots can watch my edit and maybe relate to it a little more. So… in saying that, I hope you enjoy my new clip regardless of if you are regular or goofy. 

“Whatever Beach” Conner


Whatever Beach : Conner Coffin from Vacation Club on Vimeo.