The Tails

Tunes: ABB


ABB, The Allman Brothers Band has to be one of the greatest bands of all time. Certainly Dickey Betts and Duane Allman are two of the best guitar players to every lay hands on an axe. They make em sing like no other… Anyhow, they were very well known for the live performances and amazing jams of their popular songs. Here is a live video of them playing “whipping post,” one of my favorite ABB songs. Enjoy. Oh to live in the days of good old rock n’ roll….

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Bella Vita CA Premier!


Remember Bella Vita? Well, if not, last year in october parker and I spent several weeks traveling through Italy with Chris Del Moro, Leonardo Fiorivanti, our Uncle Jason Baffa, and an awesome crew in search of waves and as much Italian culture as possible. Our uncle documented it all on 35mm film and did a wonderful job of telling the story of surfing in Italy and how it ties into their amazing culture. The film has already premiered at the San Sebastian film festival, but it is coming to Santa Barbara on February third at the Arlington Theatre. It will be part of the SB film festival and tickets are available through the Sb film fest website if you click HERE. Come and check it out, pass the flyer/info along, and enjoy!!!



Tail of The Week: Kelly Brook


It’s been almost a month since we’ve posted anything on here. Shal we say a holiday break? Regardless, we are fired up and the blog is going to come back to life starting now! We weren’t sure how to kick off the revival, but we thought a Tail of the Week wouldn’t be a bad way to kick things off. Here’s Kelly Brook. She’s beautiful and voluptuous. Enjoy.

Screen shot 2014-01-12 at 1.21.20 PM

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Cut N’ Run


Well, it’s been a second, but here is the edit from the amazing boat trip we went on aboard the Ratu Motu in Indonesia. This was certainly one of the best trips of our lives. We scored some amazing waves and had an epic crew to share it with. Enjoy. Click HERE to head over to surfline and check out the full cut n’ run editorial piece.

Nixon Team


Yesterday Nixon announced me as a new member of their Global Team and I’m beyond stoked!!!!!!! Nixon has always had an amazing team and it was cool because they have the team vote on any new candidate for sponsorship. If you don’t get total approval from the team…. well, better luck next time.  Luckily they didn’t shut me down and yesterday they released this little welcome to the team vid. Nixon makes incredible product, but most importantly they are an awesome group of people who care about action sports and working together with their team to do rad projects. I’m so grateful to be a part of their program and look forward to doing some fun stuff with them. thanks boys!! Click HERE to check their site out, the amazing team, and the epic products.