The Tails

“Little Wings” Group Vid


Here’s the video of the whole crew, including Parker and I, on the Little Wings trip. This makes me want to go on a surf trip ASAP.



It’s been live on Surfline! But I’ve been all over the map. Better to get it up here late than never! If you haven’t checked out the Surfline feature, CLICK THIS LINK

here are the three team edits!

Salina CruzN


Perry went down to Salina Cruz a little while back with a few of our of our good friends Seth Moniz, Josh Moniz, and Griffin Colapinto. They scored some fun waves and were shredding extra hard. Enjooyyyyyy!

Andy Irons as a Goofy foot


So… this is basically my study guide. I watch Andy and Bruce Irons as goofy foots all day. I love the way Andy looks as a goofy footer and I’ve been trying to learn from this footage the last few months. check it out ! 

Conner Coffin X YWT


Third in the series of ” ” X YWT videos.
Conner Coffin
Music: Robin Trower “Too Rolling Stoned”
Edit: Ryan Perry