What Youth ?


What’s What Youth? Good friend and mad hessian, Travis Ferre, left Surfing Magazine months ago to start a new outlet for surf shredding. Except, this one is different than all of the ones in place already. He’s partnered with Kai Neville, yes the editor¬†extraordinaire¬†behind Lost Atlas and Modern Collective, to start a website, quarterly coffee table book, and feature films edited by Kai all showcasing modern surfing at it’s finest. The site: clean, simple, to the point, and not “reporting today’s news and contest results.” The quarterly book: Quality, gorgeous images, and meant for the coffee table instead of the recycling bin. The films: High frequency, street credible, and the pinnacle of modern day free surfing. Here’s to a long and prosperous relationship between What Youth and Youngwisetails.

Below is the teaser for What Youth and check the site out HERE


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