Board Blog: Hand Shape


Today I shaped a board. It was my third board. First one was when i was 12; a single fin that you couldn’t really tell the nose from tail. It worked sick though. Second a 6’6″ step up i shaped with my dad for hawaii. It went insane. It was 17 3/4 inches wide, a knife, but it worked really well. Today was the third. I’m not really sure what inspired this board’s design, but it’s very low rocker with a wider outline. 5’6 19 1/2 2 3/8.  A diamond tail and a pretty radical double concave to v bottom. I think i’m going to stick 1 fin on it. Or maybe 4…. Either way it should be a speed demon. Turning is not guaranteed, but as long as you’re going fast who really cares? There is an affinity that you share with a board that you shape, and for that reason it is incredibly satisfying to shape your own craft.

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