Mentawaii’s Cut N’ Run Trip.


A few weeks ago we got a call from Blair freaking out saying we might have the opportunity to go on the Ratu Motu (previously the indies 4), for a dream surf trip. It was a bit of a long shot and the trip went from on to off, to back on, but it did end up happening. We have been out in the Indian ocean for a few days now. I think 5 to be exact. We scored waves the first two days, had a day of weird weather, another day of pumping surf, and then another day of weird weather. We celebrated Parker’s 18th birthday. We ‘ve laughed hard, we’ve played countless hours of poker, and we have eaten incredible food. This is the trip of a lifetime and we are loving every minute of it. The forecast looks like we should get some more waves in the next 7 days and we will try to keep you as updated as possible. Check out surfline for daily updates and follow along through instagram under the #cutnrun.







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