Back to Hawaii!!!



I’ve been back here in Hawaii for a few weeks enjoying the scenery and the beginnings of a hopefully really fun winter. I have been staying at the Volcom house, which is located directly in front of the magical stretch of sand that Pipeline is on. The waves have been super fun the last week and it hasn’t been overly crowded in the lineups. Standouts so far this year have definitely included John Florence, Jamie O Brien, Jd Irons, Nate Florence, ¬†Koa Smith, Koa Rothman, and Tamayo Perry. From the waves I have sat and watched, these guys have all gotten some super crazy waves. Now it’s November 3rd and people are starting to show up by the bus load and it’s definitely starting to get that crowded vibe. Along with the super fun waves, my family and girlfriend have been here to make it extremely relaxing and almost like a vacation! We have been eating at our favorite food truck, Pupukea Grill, on a daily basis and just having a good ol’ time ! I’m heading straight to Barbados from here to compete in a junior pro at Soupbowls. I’m really looking forward to heading over there and surfing hopefully some really fun waves with a jersey on. Weeeeeee! A big thanks to Volcom for letting me stay at the house and Tai Van Dyke, Dave Riddle, and Jason Shibata for being absolute legends and taking care of all of us at the house. Life is good!

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