Barbados Jr. Pro!



I have been over in Barbados for the last few days getting ready for the Sprite Jr. Pro. Lucky for the juniors Sprite put up this 2 star junior at Soupbowls, a world class right hand reef break that is really rippable when it’s small, and then as it grows in size it starts to turn into a crazy barrel. The swell forecast looks like it’s going to be small for the first few days and then an increase in swell and a decrease in wind should make for an incredible last few days. How lucky are we?!? I just surfed my first round heat and made it through so I will surf again later this afternoon. It’s pretty classic because the age limit for these Jr. Pro’s are 20 and under, but at 18 I feel like a full veteran. The majority of kids in this event seem like they are 14 and 15. That’s something that has really changed in the recent past. Kids are starting this series at such a young age vs. finishing their amateur careers and taking on the juniors after they age out of NSSA’s and what not. I saw my friend Pat Schmidt paddling out for his heat against these two little supergroms named Bo Raynor and Josh Burke. I couldn’t help but have a little chuckle about the size difference. Pat is probably about 6’4” and these two are probably not even cracking the 5′ mark. Safe to say Pat was gonna win in ¬†paddle battle? But don’t let their size fool you, these groms can RIP! Life is good and i’ll keep you posted how the event goes!

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