Waves!? At home!?


Yep, it happened, it finally happened. Waves at home, and man, there sure were waves. Really, really perfect blue sparkling cylinders.  I flew home from Hawaii to compete in the Rincon Classic and unfortunately had a full shocker and lost in my first heat. But, I stayed home for the next five days and i think i spent more time in my wetsuit than out of it from Monday to Wednesday. The waves were pumping and we were posting up on the sand from sunrise to sunset. I honestly couldn’t remember the last time the waves pumped like that in Santa Barbara. I think it has been several years… Anyways, I felt like a full super grom again. It was actually surreal how good it was and it just felt magical down on the beach with the waves roping and the perfect weather. It was also rad to share some waves with all of my friends at home and see how stoked they were. It was good vibes all around and I’m still buzzing from those sessions. Jimmicane was hanging with Perry and I all week and snapped these photos from the swell. Seth Roulet shot the line up… the whole gallery from the swell is at www.surfingmagazine.comm, and Perry is working on an edit upstairs as we speak…. .






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