I’d be lying to everybody if I didn’t say I have been lagging on blog posts. I’m sorry for that but March has been a really busy month. I left for Puerto Rico on the 30th of February and went there for a Volcom surf team trip and the premier of Volcom’s new feature movie called “True to This.” The waves weren’t really delivering for us too much so we didn’t do too much surfing, but the few days we were able to surf were actually really fun. We had an absolutely legendary crew with us. It was myself, Pat Schmidt, Noah Schweizer, Balaram Stack, Carlos Munoz, Tom Carey, Daniel Terry, RJ, Nate Leal, and Billy Hume. Besides the little bit of surfing we did, we kept ourselves occupied by hiking to waterfalls, adventuring throughout the island looking for waves, and obviously drinking a few rum punches. After the ten days I spent in Puerto Rico, we packed our bags and headed back to Florida for a 2 star Junior Pro that was held in Cocoa Beach. Yes, the SURF contest was held in Cocoa Beach, weird. The waves were about 6 inches everyday for the contest but I was lucky enough to put my head down and catch a few waves to make my heats. I actually ended up making the final and walking away with a 2nd place! The whole time I was Florida I was staying about an hour away in New Smyrna with the Schweizers. Honestly, I’m pretty sure they are one of the coolest families in the world. They are so giving and genuinely nice about everything they do. I was having so much fun with them that I decided to change my ticket a little longer to hangout, surf, and partake in some spring break festivities 🙂 . Check out a few photos from the past month of adventures


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