Playlist: Neil Young-Ragged Glory


Playlist capability has been achieved on youngwisetails! Thanks to mark and the brains behind this web operation, we can now embed playlists out of spotify! And hopefully you can listen to them without necessarily having to sign up for Spotify, although you probably should because it kicks ass.

Anyways, this one is a Neil Young album, but technically it is Neil Young AND Crazy Horse. The Neil Young and Crazy Horse sound is rad. Super raw, super rock n’ roll and super jammy. It’s some of my favorite Neil Young to listen to. He’s always made it clear that his albums are meant to be listened to as a whole entity, and not just a song here and a song there. He looks to achieve a vibe from an album as a whole. A message, something to leave the listener with. I feel like this is very evident in this album!

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