The Conner Parker Interview

A short clip edited by Sean Benik about Parker and I. Tweet

Surfing Magazine : Made In America

Issue 7, 2014, to be exact. The one that is officially “Made In America” and also the one that I am beyond stoked and proud to be on the cover on. Thank you so much to everyone who made this happen. HOly smokes!!! Could not be more fired up!!!!! Here is the trailer for the […]

Travel Tunes

I just got back from a month long journey in indonesia! As everybody knows California and Indonesia are not close and it takes a really long time to get between the two. When traveling as much as I have the past month its really it is really important to have some good tunes that you […]

Hawaii Pleasure

Hawaii is a magical place. We hold a very special place for it in our hearts and we spend as much time as we can over there every year. This year was one of our most memorable years and we all got super fired up to work on this short film project about our time […]

Etnies Scout

Etnies is a rad brand. Perhaps more importantly, it’s a brand that is comprised of awesome people. This includes the people that work there as well as the team. Parker and I are fortunate enough to be a part of the Etnies family along with Mason Ho, Matt Wilkonson, Pat Schmidt, and Benji Weatherly. This […]

Eithan’s New vid.

Eithan is one of our good friends. He is a local grom from ventura and is sick little up and coming surfer. We appreciate the fact that he is creating a power game for his surfing. He sure can throw it on rail for a little kid of his stature. We look forward to watching […]

Monster Children: The Other

I recently worked with Monster Children on a profile piece for their magazine. Issue 41 to be exact. The cruised up to our house one day to hang out and talk music and surfing for a video piece to supplement the mag… Here she is! For more Monster Children, check their website HERE   Tweet

El Rincon

Here’s Perry’s interpretation of Rincon last week. The Queen sure is an amazing wave when she decides to share with us… So much fun!!!!     Tweet

Tunes: ABB

ABB, The Allman Brothers Band has to be one of the greatest bands of all time. Certainly Dickey Betts and Duane Allman are two of the best guitar players to every lay hands on an axe. They make em sing like no other… Anyhow, they were very well known for the live performances and amazing […]

Cut N’ Run

Well, it’s been a second, but here is the edit from the amazing boat trip we went on aboard the Ratu Motu in Indonesia. This was certainly one of the best trips of our lives. We scored some amazing waves and had an epic crew to share it with. Enjoy. Click HERE to head over […]

Cascais Wave of The Day

Day one of the contest was held in super fun onshore chunky waves. It was hard to get the good ones, but if you did they were extremely shred-able. I ended up getting the highest score of the day…. here she is. Day three of the contest will be tomorrow and I’m in round three […]

Hendrix 12 String Blues

So I’ve been way into trying to learn the ins and outs of blues on the guitar. I’ve been spending hours every day when I’m not surfing or the waves are flat playing guitar and watching old videos of Muddy Waters, Buddy Guy, Robert Johnson, anything and everything blues really. This video of Hendrix jamming […]

Bobby Interviews

Surfing Magazine recently did a rad article in which Bobby Martinez interviewed several surfers about surfing and where they plan to take their lives after surfing… I thought it was a super cool idea and Bobby created a super interesting story around the topic. Surfing is not going to last forever, but many of us […]

Griffin Colapinto

Meet Griffin Cola(pinto). Griffin is 14 years of age from San Clemente and has been ripping extremely hard as of late. Griffin has an awesome family and he is humbly becoming one of the next super groms from California. We really like hanging with Griffin. He’s a super nice kid, loves to school other kids […]

Profile: Eithan Osbourne

Eithan is our little buddy from Ventura. He is 13 years old likes to surf and is a black belt. He has lots of nicknames and surfs quite well. I think he won 16 NSSAs thie year. And westerns too. Nationals is next week and he will be running his Acorn suit with pride for […]

Oakley Dispatch Movie

Oakley gathered footage of the team throughout the year and put together this montage of pretty amazing surfing. Some really cool stuff in here. Especially of Seabass. He’s blowing up right now and rightfully so (did you see his heat against Taj??!!?!!). I managed to sneak a few waves in here too…. Enjoy!!! Tweet


Kashmir is a Led Zeppelin song. This video is an excerpt from It Might Get Loud which is a rad documentary type movie featuring Jack White, Jimmy Page, and The Edge. Jimmy Page and Jack White are two of my favorites. This is an awesome little piece where Jimmy Page breaks down the guts of […]

Hurley One and Only

Hurley has been doing a series of videos titled “one and only.” Perry and I have worked on mine over the last few weeks and I’m pretty pumped on how it turned out. It’s mostly just some random bits and pieces of footage that we accumulated over the little while. Some Hawaii leftovers, a lowers […]


I was digging through our vimeo archives and I came across this video. Three years ago I had an impacted canine tooth removed from the roof of my mouth. They put me out and apparently used some good stuff to do it with. Parker proceeded to film the aftermath and got quite a kick out […]

Goofy Foot Power Psyche

Just hanging out at home doing some of my last little bit of schoolwork for the year and started thinking about surfing… Next thing you know I’m watching old videos of Occy rip the lip off of poor waves heads. When boredom strikes, give yourself a little Goofy Foot Power Psyche and get motivated to […]

Steph Koehne: Shredding/Fishing

Stephen is a rad surfer from Kaui who loves to get tubed and catch big fish. Two things that we both really enjoy as well! Here is a video of him doing exactly that!!!! Check it out… Tweet

Bella Vita Kickstarter!

Bella Vita Kickstarter!

Bella Vita has just started a Kickstarter and they would like your help! Tweet

A Cabo Short

A while back, December to be exact, we jumped down to Cabo for a few days. We planned it as the first trip in a series of trips to make a new movie. But then the swell didn’t show up. And another day with no swell, and another. Then it ended up being quite the […]

Parker’s Strange Brain

Want a bit of insight into Parker’s weird and twisted teenage brain? Well, here it is. This came out a little bit ago, but he has been in El Salvador filming for an upcoming Volcom surf film. Better I post it late then never i suppose… I thought this piece came out really, really cool […]