Tunes: Ball and Biscuit

Jack White is truly inspiring. He is so creative with music and incredibly talented. This song is just one example of Jack’s freakish talent. He goes off on this tangent at the end of this song after he shreds this stuppppidddd solo. Check it out! Tweet

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everybody from Youngwisetails and Kate Upton Tweet

A Sea Movie

This is a little piece done by Jack Coleman while we were in Bali this year. Something a wee bit different for you on a gloomy Thursday. Jack Coleman is a rad dude who thrives off of super 8. He takes a completely different approach to filming surfing, and has now made two films shot […]

Throwback Thursday!! Chile

This was a little video that was put together from my trip to Chile this summer. We got pretty skunked, but still managed to have a good time. After this trip, I had never driven so much in my life. I think when it was all said in done we spent 24 hours driving in […]

Bell Vita: the trailer

The ability to tell a story through film, and furthermore capture the unique attributes of a particular culture, is an enormous task that few people can do with success. Our uncle Jason Baffa is one of the few people who can achieve this and he is at it again. He’s previously conceived the ideas of, […]


We had the pleasure of being home for a good solid chunk of time around the holidays. It was the first good chunk of time that I have had in some time. Besides relaxing with our friends and family and soaking up the joys of Santa Barbara, we got some super fun waves and surfed […]

The King: Hendrix

Right handed guitars upside down. Playing with his teeth. What a legend. This is an incredible song and a rad live performance. Tweet

Sincerely Suburbia

Dear Suburbia came out back in August. Since then it has been toured, released on DVD, and then short films and photos have been trickling out through What Youth. Today, What Youth released this 9 minute short film titled Sincerely Suburbia to wrap up all of the content released around Dear Suburbia and mark the […]

2012 Rewind

2012 was a rad year… We got tons of fun surf and had many a good time that will never be forgotten. We made new friends and hung out with old friends. Thanks to everyone who contributed to a radical year of our lives, we look forward to trying to outdo 2012 in 2013. Here’s […]

El Rincon

We’ve shared some of Seany Lesh’s videos before. This one is his latest and is a quick 4 minute video documenting some pretty rad surfing at Rincon last year with Matt Moore talking a little bit about the wave and some of the boys who have grown up surfing out there. It’s a cool video […]

Super Grom: Eithan

Eithan Osbourne is a little super grom from Ventura. He is 12 or 13 or something like that. Maybe 12. We should probably find out. Regardless, he is a ¬†little ripper. We have enjoy surfing with Eithan (except for when he catches every way that moves and we are stuck out the back freezings, so […]

Surfing Mag February Trailer

This is the trailer for the February issue of surfing magazine. Yes, they are way ahead as it is only December, but none the less, it’s a new SURFING magazine and it looks to be awesome. We went on an epic trip with a crew of Monster riders to a sick place in Indo and […]

Greatest Blowout Scenes

In honor of thanksgiving and the aftermath of eating way too much we thought we would share our favorite blowout scenes of all time. Please take the time to watch these. They are hilarious. Tweet

What Youth: Wake Up It’s over

Last summer (not the one we just had, but the one before), I went to Japan with Dane, Kolohe, and Yadin. We got nailed by a massive typhoon, ate lots of Sunkuss food (the japanese equivalent of 711 but way better), scored some waves, explored Osaka at night, and fell in love with Japan. This […]


Parker and I spent a couple of weeks over in Bali for the World Juniors. The waves weren’t pumping, but we had a few really fun sessions. It was a rad trip, and we were stoked to be surfing and hanging out every day. We had a solid crew with both of us, ryan, and […]

Lowers Pro Vid

Leading up to the Lowers Pro Parker and I made several trips down to Lowers. We never really scored and most days were incredibly crowded so it took a few sessions to accumulate this footage. Perry threw it together real quick today just before we bailed for the airport to head to Bali. Yeow! Tweet

Electric Wilderness: Ian Gouveia

Ian Gouveia was on our trip to Surfing Village because his pops is friends with Mario and Pablo (owners of Surfing Village). We’ve known Ian for a while and he has always been super friendly and just super rad. He thinks Ryan looks like Jihad Khodr so we have a running joke that we call […]

A Real Surfer.

Mason Ho is the definition of a surfer. Different than a “free surfer”, because I don’t think free surfers have as much fun as Mason does. While watching his videos I can’t help but laugh and get a big smile because he can make such small, shitty, and windy wave look fun. There isn’t one […]

US Open: Video

God Ryan is good at what he does. This is an excerpt from a surfline piece. One that really sums up the way i feel about contest surfing and just life in general. I strongly suggest that any kid wanting to be a pro surfer always keeps this in mind. “He really deserved it,” someone […]

Electric Wilderness Behind the Scenes: The Music

This is Travis and Ben. These dudes are awesome! For our recent movie project Electric Wilderness, we decided to have these two record a special soundtrack that would fit the vibe of the movie. We sat down at a coffee shop, showed Travis some of the clips from the trip, and his eyes got massive […]

Dear Suburbia: Trailer

Here it is. A quick snippet. A mere preview of what is to come. A year long collaboration of amazing surfing (trust me i watched some of it in person). Thursday August 2nd is the premier on 5th Street in Huntington beach. It will be free and open to the public so get your tails […]


Watch it here, download it on the EW page at the top ^^^^^^ Tweet

Oakley Dispatch: CalifornIA

Here’s a rad little web clip that Oakley threw together while all of their boys were around for the Nike6 comp. Seabass is classic. Tweet

Electric Wilderness

Electric Wilderness

Electric Wilderness. It started on a trip to the telos where we were on an island that resembled a tropical wilderness. We were listening to a lot of metal music one of which was a song titled Electric Wilderness. It sort of set the tone of the trip. We surfed, lit lots of fireworks, and […]