Electric Wilderness: Ian Gouveia

Ian Gouveia was on our trip to Surfing Village because his pops is friends with Mario and Pablo (owners of Surfing Village). We’ve known Ian for a while and he has always been super friendly and just super rad. He thinks Ryan looks like Jihad Khodr so we have a running joke that we call each other JJIIIHHADDD! hahaha. Anyways, Ian is a stellar Brazilian surfer and we thought it would be cool to make an Electric Wilderness bonus section devoted to his shredding. And trust us, he was doing plenty of shredding on this trip! Enjoy.

Electric Wilderness: Flip Book

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Electric Wilderness Behind the Scenes: The Music

This is Travis and Ben. These dudes are awesome! For our recent movie project Electric Wilderness, we decided to have these two record a special soundtrack that would fit the vibe of the movie. We sat down at a coffee shop, showed Travis some of the clips from the trip, and his eyes got massive with excitement. He knew exactly what we wanted and how he was going to put it together. In just four short days, he wrote the songs and we were in the recording studio at Hurley headquarters. Thanks to Travis Tighe, Ben Pecorari, Greg Teal, and Davey Warsop for making this possible.

Electric Wilderness Premiere!

Come see Electric Wilderness on the big screen at Hurley HQ Thursday July 19th! Don’t miss out on free food, live music, and tons of giveaways!

Electric Wilderness: Tom Carey Outtakes

Tom Carey is one of the best people to share a surf trip with. He’s all about surf trips for the right reasons which entail surfing and hanging with close friends, good music, and sharing some beers while laughing up a storm. Tom is also an amazing photographer. He shot our trip to Indo for Surfing magazine and captured some really really pretty photos. Today the guys at Surfing posted a few of Tom’s photos, a few of which are below, in leu of our premier tomorrow night. ¬†For more on Electric Wilderness and the premier click HERE.

Electric Wilderness World Premiere!

Come see Electric Wilderness on the big screen! World Premiere at Hurley HQ in Costa Mesa Thursday July 19th! Don’t miss out on free food, live music, and tons of giveaways! EVERYONE is invited!