The Tails

Surf Porn: Maxing Pipeline


This was a huge day at pipe! We were sitting in the yard and had seen a few people paddle out and sneak a few waves. When the lineup was empty again we decided to give it a go! It was so much fun surfing with just a few good friends out at firing pipeline!!

Inspire: Tavarua, Fiji


The second episode of Parker’s “Inspire” series follows him to the place in which he first fell in love with surfing, Tavarua, Fiji.

Snapper Rocks Super Session


Well what can we say!? When Mick Fanning calls you and tells you Snapper is going to be firing and to come surf with him and Joel Parkinson, two of your childhood heroes, you get just a little bit excited. We had the most epic session sharing waves with these guys. Some waves were paddle waves and some waves were step offs. My favorite memory was seeing Joel pull into his last wave as I paddled over the shoulder. It was one of the best waves i’ve ever seen in real life and I was screaming at the top of my lungs. We ended the day at the kirra pub drinking beers with all of the boys reminiscing on an epic morning!! Thanks for the amazing time! Dream come true!!!!

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Conner – Bonzer 3D


Here’s one session i had in hawaii riding the new CI Bonzer 3D model. It’s a really fast little board that you can surf in a unique way. You can really ride the board forward and get a ton of speed but then step back and turn it on a dime. It is really smooth feeling as well.

Adventures of the Youngwisetails Hawaii-2017


Per the last post, here is our newest episode! Hawaii has been a blast so far this season!