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Surfing’s “Teenage”


Parker, recently 19 as of september 26th, has a sick new part in Surfing magazine’s “Teenage.” It’s an epic 30 minute film showcasing the best up and coming kids of today’s next generation. Parker is shredding!!! YEWWW!

Surfing magazine is rad. check it out here!!!

Wildfire: The movie!


Here’s the full length video of “Wildfire.” Thank you so much to everyone who put work into and supported this film. Ryan perry did such an amazing job filming and editing this. We had a blast making this and look forward to doing many more projects!!!!! Full page for Wildfire HERE.

Music by Pleasure”

Water footage by Talon Clemow:



It’s here! Finally! This is the trailer for our 3rd Youngwisetails short film titled “Wildfire.” We spent 12 days down in Indonesia with Jay Davies, Yadin Nicol, Parker, and myself. It was an epic trip! Good surf and good vibes all around!!! We had Tom Carey shooting for Stab, Ryan Perry nailing the land angle, and Talon Clemow shooting water! They all did an amazing job and this is a mere morsel of what’s to come!

Premier: YWT premier of Wildfire September 19th. Free to everyone!!!! Stance Socks HQ 6-10 pm. 193 Avenida La Pata, San Clemente, CA 92672.

Internet Release: Movie will be live on Monday the 22nd on YWT and Stab for viewing and downloading!




Tunes: Zeppelin Live


I can’t even imagine getting to be at this concert! Holy hell these guys shredded so hard. Jimmy Page is a freak!!!! Check it out. or at least some of it!

YouTube Preview Image

Tavarua Boatman Stint


Ever since the first time we went to Tavarua when I was 8 years old I wanted to be a boatman. For the last few weeks I finally got that opportunity to do so and it exceeded any expectations I had! I was able to go down for three weeks and hang out with my Tavi family (whom I’ve missed dearly). The first day I showed up it was 8 feet and Cloubdreak and pumping. The waves were super fun the whole time I was there. Besides the waves, Tavarua is one of the most special places on earth. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what it is, but the place is magical. Something about the energy and the vibe there is second to none. I’m super grateful for the friends that I have made there and all of the good times. I hope to go back soon!!!! Here are some photos from my trip…

photo 3-2

Cloudbreak Perfection. Pic Shane Neinaber

photo 4

The Family!!!


photo 5

More of the family!!

photo 1-7

Pizza with the boys….

photo 1

More perfect cloudbreak…. Scott Weiner

photo 2-1

CB Carve. Justin

photo 2-6

The Boatman crew on Fiji night minus Brandon.