The Tails

Coffin Brother’s “Surf Out”


We are super excited to announce the first “Coffin Brother’s Surf Out!!! It will take place on August 8th at Jalama state beach. We’re stoked to be putting on a free surf event for the local kids and community! It’s going to be a great weekend. Huge thank you to Surf Happens for helping to put on the event. Contact us for any questions. Here is the flier!!! Get Registered!!


Etnies “Point A to E”


We had an epic trip to Puerto Rico with the Etnies crew and here’s the video to prove it!!!!!

Nixon Ultratide


Nixon just released it’s latest watched today and I had the pleasure of going down to Tahiti a month ago and working on a video for it. Daren Crawford and I went down and stayed with Raimana for three days. The waves were small but it was sooooooo Beautiful down there. Daren did an amazing job of capturing the vibe and put this piece together. The watch is amazing and has real time surfline reports streaming to your watch. Check it out!

Rincon Classic (3 waves)


Yep, it’s been a quick second since the Rincon Classic happened, but Ryan threw together three waves from my semi final heat at the contest. It was a hard heat with Nathaniel Curran and Corey Arambide. The waves were small but so clean and fun this day! The music is us (The hidden city band) jamming one day a little while back….

YouTube Preview Image

Parker Coffin x Youngwisetails


Here is a new clip that Ryan and I have been working on since I have been at home injured. There are some clips from California, Portugal, and Hawaii and some groovy tunes by New Order. Check it out ! YouTube Preview Image