Hyped Swell With Jimmicane


Jimmy Wilson, AKA Jimmicane, AKA Jaguar Jimmy, is a classic human. Opinionated, straight forward, honest, patriotic, passionate, hilarious. Jimmy has made a name for himself photographing surfing, most notably for his Jimmicangle, as well as writing/photo editing for Surfing Magazine. He patented the term “whitewater rafting” within the world of surf, and has taught us all the correct terminology of the various grabs we do on surfboards. Frontside grab not indy, mute not slob, etc…. He takes unique photos and is a really fun person to hang out with. Jimmy is one of those people who cane make the worst of trips absolutely hilarious and enjoyable. That’s kind of what happened this last week. Typical of any big northwest swell to head towards CA, our most recent swell was a bit of a disappointment. Way over hyped, major wind chunk, and incredibly crowded, like beyond belief crowded. Jimmy came up to hang out with us and shoot photos, but it turned into more of a hangout session than scoring epic surf. Although it wasn’t ideal, we managed to have some good laughs, surf some fun waves, and enjoy the pristine days. Jimmy donated his left over photos from the voyage up the coast, and we are very appreciative of his photographic brilliance. Thanks Jimmy!

Getting hyped on starbucks mid surf check.

Rincon was hectic to say the least.... hard to kick out when someone else is burning you.

Parker lip bashing.

Parker and Bobby post surf

The Jimmicangle


Richie keeps up during the day, but can't quite hang on the couch.

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