Pipeline Pro Junior


Well it didn’t end up being the perfect day at Pipe that everyone was hoping for, but the contest ran in 3 foot super fun rights at gums (just to the right of pipe) which I was super pumped on!!! A week of north swell turned gums into a sick sandbar ending at pipe on a detonating sand bar. The comp ran in one day of powerful chunky rights with some good tubes at times throughout the day. It was a sick event and I’m so stoked that Liam and the guys on the North Shore are making a push to have junior events over there. It is so great to be able to surf waves like Sunset and Pipe with 3 other guys and have a chance to get some waves. It was a really fun contest to compete in and means so much to me to have won. It’s been since I was 12 (open boys at nationals) that I won my last major comp (excluding some nssa’s), so it was a big hurdle for me. So grateful for my family and all of their support and the Gerr for being over there and the Centios and so many other people… YEEOOOWWW!

Thanks to Tammy Moniz for the first few photos (the ones that actually look good:)!!!!

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