Hello… Well, not too much has been going on lately. Conner and I went on our Tahiti trip, both came home for less than a week, then ventured off into completely different places. Conner headed off to Indo and I headed down to Chile. The waves were supposed to be absolutely pumping according to surfline’s forecast, but this was not the case when we finally showed up. It was knee high and wind blown for about 4 days straight. Getting desperate, we packed up the car and drove about 9 hours to where we thought there might be waves. When we arrived there, it was the same type of conditions as before. Frustration, anger, and homesickness kicked in so we ended up changing our flights to come. On the bright side, it was a really fun experience to go to Chile and see the amazing countryside. We still managed basically hanging out in a car for a week straight really fun. The highlight of the trip was meeting this local family that took us in and invited us to their Sunday BBQ at their house where we ate like kings and had an amazing time. Stay tuned for a video of “The Most Interesting Man in the World.”

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