People: Tom Carey


Tom Carey is a metal head. Tom Carey is a hard ass. But most of all, Tom Carey likes to have a good time. Apart from these few traits that Tom has, he is also one of the worlds best surf photographers. He has the ability to make a surf trip with bad waves get amazing photos and look spectacular. I got to know Tom when I first started riding for Volcom about 4 years ago, and since then we have done numerous trips around the world with eachother. On these trips, Tom emphasizes the old “grom torture” aspect which is somewhat rare these days. He is not afraid to tell you that you are being a pussy, and he’s not afraid to make you work. On our Electric Wilderness project, Tom was the creative director who came up with the “metalistic” type image we tried to create. Also, Tom is one of the cofounders of “FatBoySurfCamp” and is still a participating member. Keep an eye out for Tom being involved in future youngwisetails projects! Check out his website at

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