Conner Wins!!!!!!!!!!!


I just returned from watching my brother combo the final to win the 2012 US Open Pro Jr. final. I’ve won surf contests before, and I’ve never been as stoked as I was carrying him up the beach. He’s come close a lot, but this time he did it. All the close calls and all the preparing he has done for this moment. It happened. It didn’t hit me how absolutely amazing his win was until when he started getting interviewed. I never cry, and I had to leave where everybody was and just let it happen. There was no holding it back so I just went and did it. Don’t judge me people I don’t want to be known as a softy! Anyways, I’m sitting around the couch right now getting ready for a family celebration with my brother. I’m so stoked he finally did it. I know how well he surfs and what he is capable doing, and for him to just show the biggest crowd in surfing means a lot. CONGRATS BIG BROTHER!!!! YEWWWWWW!


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