Proper Surf Etiquette


As you can see in this perfect demonstration below people don’t seem to know proper surf etiquette these days. Just the other weekend Conner and I decided we would head down to surf Lowers. Knowing it was going to be crowded, we still thought it would be one of those days where you just sneak a couple off the peak, get a couple hip swivels going on a rippable wave and then head home. We were wrong. It felt as if we were playing in some sort of demolition derby that took place on small chest high waves. Every surfer in the greater good of Southern California decided to come surf trestles on this day. Luckily, in our lovely sport we call surfing, we¬†were still in the ocean on a beautiful day so it wasn’t that bad. However, it was sure enough to get a little frustrated at times.

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