North Shore Surf Shop Sunset Beach Pro Jr.


Last week the North Shore Surf Shop’s Sunset Beach Pro Jr. ran in absolutely firing Sunset Point! However, leading up to the event I hadn’t been surfing too much due to a shoulder injury. I was chowing down ibuprofen and was still in a lot of pain, but somehow managed to make my heat on the first day. After my first round heat, I found myself in a bit of a panic because I couldn’t even raise my left arm. Luckily I called Kai “Borg” Garcia and got a late night emergency chiropractor appointment with his friend Porter Turnbull. Porter fixed me up that night and in the morning it was sore, but I could paddle. In my round of 32 heat my shoulder felt like it had improved from the morning, and each heat that I made my shoulder felt better and better. Before I knew it, after an amazing day of surfing sunset beach with 3 other guys out, I found myself in the final with Ian Crane, Seth Moniz, and Keanu Asing. Paddling out for our final almost felt fake. All of us were looking at each other waiting for the heat to start watching perfect 4 foot sunset point; offshore and lining up all the way through. I got one good wave in the final mid way through the heat and got around a 7.5 I think. About half way while I was paddling back out, my shoulder finally gave up. It started shooting pain and was getting harder and harder to paddle. I finally got out the back and missed the winning wave by about 5 feet. The wave, and the score to win the contest were mine but I just couldn’t get there! Ian Crane got the wave and surfed it really well. He locked in an 8 and ended up winning the event. With my one wave and small backup, I got 4th place. I was still stoked on getting 4th, but I wanted Ian’s trophy. Maybe next year! Congrats to Ian he surfed a great event and I had so much fun the entire contest. Thanks to North Shore Surf Shop for an amazing event and allowing the junior series to have events at such a good wave! 

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