Busy Busy Busy!


Well, the past few months have been absolutely amazing! We traveled to Morocco, Tahiti, and Hawaii and have had so much fun in each place. It has been so much fun  being able to experience such a variety of places in such a short period of time.

Morocco was such an interesting experience. The airline lost our bags for 6 days on our ten day trip. However, thanks to a legendary crew of friends we survived and still managed to have an awesome trip! However, for future reference don’t ever fly IBERIA airlines because they will make an effort to ruin you on surfboard charges. We got charged 800 euros on the way home. Yea, EUROS not dollars. That means it was well over a thousand dollars. If you ever end up going to Morocco give the boys at morocsurf.com a shout! They took care of us big time and got us some amazing waves.

After our amazing Moroccan Adventure we came home for only a few days and packed back up the bags and went to Tahiti for a last minute excursion. After hanging out for a short period of time it’s not hard to realize that Tahiti is absolute paradise. Amazing people, waves, food, and scenery. We were lucky enough to stay with Raimana and his family. They are some of the sweetest and most hospitable people in the world. We surfed fun little waves with nobody around but a few local guys who were happy to share. 

Right now I am in Hawaii on VACATION and Conner is still working his ass off in West Oz on a Reef trip. We are both heading home on the 22nd and plan on relaxing and filming around home. Until then there is a pumping swell coming over here tomorrow so hopefully everybody over here gets really barreled. YAY!

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