Board Blog: 5’8 Rubble Epoxy


This is a 5’8 19 2 1/4 Epoxy Fred Rubble with a twist. I say a twist because it is a modified version of the Fred Rubble which we created for super groveling. A la US Open, Virginia, Lacanau. The fin set up is Future fins. They are just a standard AM1 template but made out of fiberglass only. This is basically the board i can grab when the waves aren’t really ride-able and still ride them. I rode this board the last two days of the US Open and won the Pro junior on it and then took it to Lacanau and rode it in the 5 star there. This board is so fast and the width makes it super skatey over the super flat spots and mushy little waves that we are faced with on the QS. I don’t ride many epoxies but this one goes INSANE. It literally can ride anything. This board is probably my favorite board in my quiver and i actually get psyched when the waves are small enough to ride it.

photo 1

photo 2

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