Way Back Wednesday!


This photo was taken back in the good old days when Conner and I were both doing contests every weekend up and down the California coast competing against kids in the National Scholastic Surfing Association (NSSA) events. With us in the photo is one of the most dedicated and surf stoked humans on the planet! Her name is Gaylene Clifford and she helps run the NSSA with Janice Aragon. Some of my favorite memories as little guy come from these events hanging out with my friends all day at the beach surfing against each other. This particular event was at C street and the waves were absolutely perfect. It was about three or four feet (I was about 3 feet tall so it was head high) and perfectly glassy all weekend. Conner and I were surfing in different divisions and both surfed our way to first place finishes. At the time, Hurley pretty much sponsored every kid who was in the contests and we all had these classic matching “Cow” wetsuits. I think they were trying to make them look like camo but that was a fail haha. Hopefully Conner and I can reenact this photo this year with some Junior and WQS trophies ! 33683_162569447107400_6057081_n

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