Grom Days


This hat probably holds ┬ámore sentimental value to me than anything else I have related to surfing… One year at the Hurley Pro at Trestles I was lucky enough to get a VIP wristband so I could be in the same area as all of my heroes. I remember being about 9 or 10 years old walking around the contest absolutely star struck and in awe of the best surfers in the world. I hunted down just about ever single surfer in the contest and asked them to sign my favorite Hurley hat. I remember everybody being so nice to me and taking the time to sign my hat and give me a high five. Out of every single surfer though, the one who was the nicest to me was none other than Andy Irons. When I walked up to Andy while we was about to go out for his heat, he said he would sign it after he got out of the water because he was in his psycho competitive mode. I thought there was no way he would ever come back and sign it and I was actually really sad. Anyways, I sat down and watched Andy absolutely annihilate head high trestles and get out of the water. About twenty minutes after Andy’s heat ended I was still sitting in a chair facing the ocean when I felt a tap on my shoulder. There stood Andy Irons with a sharpie in his hand saying, “Hey grom you still want me to sign that hat of yours?” It was safe to say that I nearly crapped my pants right then and there. I don’t even think I said a word, I just looked at him in awe and handed him my hat. He of course signed it and handed it back to along with a high five and said, “Keep ripping little man.” Andy, I’ve never forgotten that moment of how you were so cool to me and remembered some random grom. Thank you.





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