Pleasure at Hurley Recordings


Last week the epic humans who run the Hurley Recording studios down in Costa Mesa (Greg Teal and Davey Warsop) let us bring down our good friends in Pleasure, to record 5 songs for our next YWT movie (title TBD). They jammed out extremely hard for two days straight and locked in 5 amazing songs. Chris even wrote lyrics and sang two songs for the first time ever while recording them. It was some seriously impressive shiznit, not to mention the face melting guitar solos, radical drum fills, and heavy bass riffs. We threw in a classic evening at the local Hooters and sealed the deal with a crazy sushi dinner at Sushi Sho. Needless to say we are incredibly psyched. Perry is working on a behind the scenes video of the recording process…

For more Pleasure, check their bandcamp link HERE   (5 new songs coming soon).





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