Photo Journal Aug 2014


This last month has been filled with all kinds of crazy action!! It was filled with long plane rides, tons of laughs, good people, and extremely mediocre waves. That description kinda seems to describe the WQS a little… It was all a good time but I must say, its incredible to be home enjoying this incredbile hurricane swell going on the past few days. I tried to be a little bit better about taking photos this last month and below are some of my favorites from my journey that included various locations such as France, Virginia Beach, and the Outer Banks. I hope you enjoy 🙂


This was the whole Etnies crew that was present during the 2014 Vans ECSC.. it was pretty classic to see Sheckler at autograph signings. I’m pretty sure ever single girl that he came in contact with looked like they were going to faint haha. It was amusing to say the least


This was Tanner the night that he won the 5 Star event in Lacanau. I was so stoked Tanner won because he was the in form surfer from the first round and deserved to walk away on top. This night was classic. The people working at the hotel we were staying at decided to give Tanner this huge beer to celebrate him winning the contest… Tanner got the cup and screamed, “This is a toast to all the WQS gods out there!” and then proceeded to pass the huge cup around the table until we took it down with a group effort. good times.


Noah Schweizer was my roommate at this years ECSC. He took this photo of me right after I made my first heat. Noahs a classic human that I always have a really good time with because he keeps it fun.


Jake Kelley (my france roomate) and I didn’t have a car so we begged Tanner Gudauskas to drive us surfing one day. We rallied down the coast to this wave called “the forrest.” As you can tell, it lived up to the name. We hiked through this incredible forrest for ten minutes before walking down a sand hill to small but fun peaks up and down the beach.


JAke Kelley tries to claim he is#fatboysurfcamp. This photo is his proof. Look at that determination to get those eggs in his mouth. Welcome to the team Jake

securedownload-1ECSC signings are always pretty interesting haha. This is me, Jeff Lukasik, Tyler Gunter, and Pat Schmidt in the zone. Tyler definitely took mvp for this years signings. Any opportunity to sign boobs and Tyler was on it. It was pretty classic to see him go mad

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