Inspirations: Taylor Knox


Taylor Knox has been one of my favorite surfers since I was pretty damn young. I’m not sure exactly how old I was when someone first showed me Taylor’s movie “Arc,” but after that I was hooked on his surfing. Taylor is so powerful, compact, stylish, and lays it on rail as well as anyone else. My favorite part about his surfing is that it’s unique. You can see influences in his surfing, but he has his own approach and draws very different lines. Taylor is 40 something now and in amazing shape. We had the pleasure of traveling to Jbay with him last year and he is an epic human to hang out with. Here is a video of him recently in California. Check out the backside roundhouses in here, they’re mental!!! Yeah Taylor!


Kids researching Taylor’s surf parts should be part of your homework assignment for the rest of the school year!!!!

YouTube Preview Image

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