WSL ITS ON (and so is Conner)



The first WCT event of the year, as well as Conner’s first event on tour, just wrapped up  a few days ago. If you didn’t get to watch any of the action i feel really bad for you. I was basically glued to my computer at extremely off hours of the night cheering for Conner to do exactly what he did. I knew he was going to go in and do some damage, but damn, he straight scared people at that first event. No rookie characteristics what so ever were shown in his performance in my opinion. Big powerful clean turns and good priority choices got Conner to the 9th round in his maiden WCT event where he eventually lost to Adriano De Souza (last years world champ) by just missing a back up score in the lackluster surf. Hold onto your undies WSL, it’s just getting started. Bells is going to be starting soon and in my opinion thats a wave were Conner’s surfing will really be separated from a lot of guys. Bells suits his style so as long as he is on the good waves, I’m confident he will get some work done !! remember people… #GoConner66

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