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It’s late to make it on the blog… But, here’s our jbay edit!!! Perry nailed it as always! Jbay is such an amazing wave and we scored so hard for the event!!! Miss it down there. Tweet


Here it is! “Year one” loosely follows my rookie year on the WSL world tour and sheds a light into what makes me tick as a competitor, surfer, and person. I love what I do and the people that I get to share my days with make them even better! I hope that every kid […]

“Year One” Premier

"Year One" Premier

We had a blast last friday night premiering “year one” to an epic crew at the Lucky Llama Cafe! We partnered with “Young and The Brave”and we were able to raise 2000 dollars in donations! Huge thank you to everyone who came out and to Rincon Brewery and Figueroa Mountain Brewing company for all of […]


We are super excited to launch LEUS !!! Check out the website HERE As a brand our goal is to provide you with exciting quality towels that are going to brighten and add more fun to beach going, pool partying, laying out, rat tailing your friends, whatever it may be we’re going to keep it […]

Something To Get PSYCHED!

I can’t believe how fast this year has gone! Holy S*&%T!!! But here we are at the pipe masters (and i still can’t believe i’m in the pipe masters!!!). The forecast has been a difficult one and we had to get round 1 done at small backdoor and with the northerly swell direction it was […]

Coffin Brother’s Surf Out Vid!

Much overdue… our apologies!!! Maybe you have seen it on the YWT youtube channel. Anyways, we had an AMAZING day hanging out with all of the groms. It’s such an epic day to put on and we are so grateful for all of you guys who came out and participate and make it such a […]

Parker Coffin x Youngwisetails Take 2

So… this edit came out a month ago and got taken down to music rights. I learned my lesson, went through the steps and bought the song, and then added a little something special to make it different. I always watch my favorite regular foots as goofy foots so I can understand their surfing better […]

“Whatever Beach” Conner

Whatever Beach : Conner Coffin from Vacation Club on Vimeo. Tweet




I was lucky enough to get invited to Western Australia with the Surfing Mag crew to partake in their annual #SURFINGfactory. The factory is a two part trip featuring two separate groups of surfers that are surfing everyday and producing content on the web that is posted throughout the duration of the trip as well […]

A MoNtaGe… of footage from late!

Damn! We had a fun run of waves at home, fun waves in Hawaii, and also a super fun first leg of the World Tour down in Australia. Perry was with me for a good chunk of these travels and he put this together last week. Music is Van Hande Med Dem by the Brian […]

WSL ITS ON (and so is Conner)

WSL ITS ON (and so is Conner)

Well, The first WCT event of the year, as well as Conner’s first event on tour, just wrapped up  a few days ago. If you didn’t get to watch any of the action i feel really bad for you. I was basically glued to my computer at extremely off hours of the night cheering for […]

Beach Chair Interview w/ Stab

Beach Chair: Conner Coffin, right now from STAB on Vimeo. Tweet

Hurley Hyperweave

Ryan and I were part of a trip to Mexico for Hurley’s newest board short! Here is a quick video from the trip. Tweet

Tuesday tunes, a day late.

Wednesday Tunes, but i’m a day late. Here’s a good old fashion feel good classic! Tweet


a lot of surf clips recently have been getting more and more serious… where’s all the fun at ?!? This little web edit made me have a smile on my face and i hope it does the same for you 🙂      Tweet



As we start this new year, I just thought that I would post something that caught my attention. I stumbled across this on the web the other day ( ) and read through it and found it very entertaining. I think a lot of the items on this list are very attainable and the […]

We Ride Futures !!!!

We Ride Futures !!!!

As of January 1st, 2016 we have officially signed with the Futures Fins family. We have used the products since we started surfing and are absolutely thrilled to officially be apart of the family. Keep an eye out for some new products we will be working on for this upcoming year. Until those fins come […]

:) Sunset/Qualifying

:) Sunset/Qualifying

This post is clearly way over due… But, better late than never. Parker wrote a legendary piece about Sunset, which is no surprise because he has proven himself time and time again to be a better brother and best friend than anyone could ever ask for. But, I figured I should do at least a […]

Conner Qualifies for the 2016 WCT!!!!

Conner Qualifies for the 2016 WCT!!!!

Ya I know everybody already knows the news that Conner has qualified for the world tour next year, but I am pretty sure nobody knows how it started. Conner and I started our WSL campaign this year in Australia for the two 6,000 events. Both the events were held in pretty much standard WQS conditions… […]

Team Volcom wins #ywtlittlewings comp!!

Team Volcom wins #ywtlittlewings comp!!

Well, the votes are in, and it has been decided that team Volcom has won our first ever Little Wings event! Congratulations to both Kyuss and Jackson for ripping down in Nicaragua and creating the winning video part. As their first place prize, team Volcom has won a free trip for a “strike mission” to […]

“Little Wings” Group Vid

Here’s the video of the whole crew, including Parker and I, on the Little Wings trip. This makes me want to go on a surf trip ASAP. Tweet


It’s been live on Surfline! But I’ve been all over the map. Better to get it up here late than never! If you haven’t checked out the Surfline feature, CLICK THIS LINK here are the three team edits! Tweet

Salina CruzN

Perry went down to Salina Cruz a little while back with a few of our of our good friends Seth Moniz, Josh Moniz, and Griffin Colapinto. They scored some fun waves and were shredding extra hard. Enjooyyyyyy! YEhaw! YWT. Tweet