REDirect Surf ‘California Fever’

Excited to share this one! RP’s short film for the REDirect surf filmmaking competition. Eleven filmamkers were given a state of the art RED camera, and ten weeks to create an original and unique surf film. The winner gets to keep the camera!   Tweet

FaCtoRy Part

Here it is! Thanks to ivan tanjung, jacob vanderwork, and sean benik for making this edit exist. And a huge thank you to Surfing Magazine for including me!!!! Tweet

Surfing Factory : Tube Time

Yep, we did it. We stayed an extra four days to go on a strike mission to find the land of perfect left tubes. 5 Hour ferry rides, sketchy dirt roads, no ac, one room with three humans in it, bali belly, reef rash, sunburns, broken boards, huge smiles. We left with a surplus of […]

SURFING Factory Pt.2

Here’s the second edit from Surfing’s factory over here in Bali! Still been kinda small, but super fun!!! All the boys have been ripping and there is a solid swell on the way!! Tweet

SURFING factory

Surfing mag had this rad idea to set up a “surfing factory” here in Bali. Two different groups of four surfers, a sick villa, a few filmers and photogs, with a goal to keep a constant flow of content going onto the interweb. I’ve been here for three days or so and we have been […]

Etnies “Point A to E”

We had an epic trip to Puerto Rico with the Etnies crew and here’s the video to prove it!!!!! Tweet

Nixon Ultratide

Nixon just released it’s latest watched today and I had the pleasure of going down to Tahiti a month ago and working on a video for it. Daren Crawford and I went down and stayed with Raimana for three days. The waves were small but it was sooooooo Beautiful down there. Daren did an amazing […]

Rincon Classic (3 waves)

Yep, it’s been a quick second since the Rincon Classic happened, but Ryan threw together three waves from my semi final heat at the contest. It was a hard heat with Nathaniel Curran and Corey Arambide. The waves were small but so clean and fun this day! The music is us (The hidden city band) […]

Parker Coffin x Youngwisetails

Here is a new clip that Ryan and I have been working on since I have been at home injured. There are some clips from California, Portugal, and Hawaii and some groovy tunes by New Order. Check it out !  Tweet

Influences: Tom Curren

Tommy Curren has been my biggest surfing influence since the first time I ever watched him surf. I remember being really young and just thinking he was this super elusive, almost mythical person, who popped up randomly when the waves were amazing and surfed them to perfection. Tom’s style has this unique blend of silky […]

Noah Schweizer

Well, if you are a teenage girl Noah needs no introduction. He was voted Surfing Magazines “Biggest Lady Killer” of 2014 in the teenage issue for a reason. However, if you are curious why you haven’t seen too much of Noah it’s because he is just now coming into his own. He’s been traveling a […]

Bobby Martinez

Well… If you were wondering if Bobby is still surfing amazing, here is your answer. This is one session around home this winter that Bobby put on an absolute clinic. In my opinion he’s the best goofy foot tube rider I’ve ever seen second to maybe Gerry Lopez. Go ahead, watch and be amazed. Tweet

Greenough Footage

Growing up in Montecito, George Greenough has always been a mysterious, legendary, and nearly mythical person. I’ve heard countless stories of Greenough and obviously seen his surf films and the amazing waves he has scored around here. I always imagine growing up here back when Greenough did and what it would be like. I’ve never […]

Tales of the North Shore: Haleiwa

Tales of the North Shore: Haleiwa

Haleiwa wrapped up about a week ago, and damn was it a good event! It was so epic to finally have some pumping surf for an event, especially Haleiwa because it is such a fun wave. Joel was helping me out with the local knowledge in my heats (he lives across the street and is […]

Fred Stubble

The Fred Stubble is a slight spin off of the Fred Rubble. An inch or so off of each end, slightly wider outline, and tweaked concave in the bottom created an epic board for the every day beach mission, regardless of the conditions. It’s one of those boards that works in the smallest of waves […]

ASP World Juniors

Well it didn’t quite go as planned… I ended up with a 9th place which obviously wasn’t my goal but it could have been worse! I did learn a lot and had one super fun heat with Dylan Lightfoot. Dylan is an amazing surfer and it was such a pleasure to have such a battle […]

Pre Heat Psyche!!!

Conner and I are both getting ready for events coming up this next week and we have been texting each other back and forth about how psyched we are to compete. Conner is in Brazil and I’m in portugal. As we are both getting psyched I remembered this amazing Chris Davidson video of him absolutely […]

Inspirations: Taylor Knox

Taylor Knox has been one of my favorite surfers since I was pretty damn young. I’m not sure exactly how old I was when someone first showed me Taylor’s movie “Arc,” but after that I was hooked on his surfing. Taylor is so powerful, compact, stylish, and lays it on rail as well as anyone […]

Surfing’s “Teenage”

Parker, recently 19 as of september 26th, has a sick new part in Surfing magazine’s “Teenage.” It’s an epic 30 minute film showcasing the best up and coming kids of today’s next generation. Parker is shredding!!! YEWWW! Surfing magazine is rad. check it out here!!! Tweet



It’s here! Finally! This is the trailer for our 3rd Youngwisetails short film titled “Wildfire.” We spent 12 days down in Indonesia with Jay Davies, Yadin Nicol, Parker, and myself. It was an epic trip! Good surf and good vibes all around!!! We had Tom Carey shooting for Stab, Ryan Perry nailing the land angle, […]

Tunes: Zeppelin Live

I can’t even imagine getting to be at this concert! Holy hell these guys shredded so hard. Jimmy Page is a freak!!!! Check it out. or at least some of it! Tweet

Old School Videos!

We’ve been doing youngwisetails for a pretty long time now… I’d say we’re coming up on 6 years! It’s been a blast to say the least. We have had so many good times, met so many cool people, and laughed our asses off through the whole deal. Perry was looking back through some old videos […]

Rincon Jam/Surf Colab.

In true jam fashion, this is a true jam edit. Michael Kew films lots of local stuff around Rincon and popped this up on the web two days ago. I believe that it’s pretty much entirely filmed around 3 days at Rincon this year. We didn’t have¬† many days, but when it was on, it […]

CJ and Damo Movie

Cj and Damien Hobgood are surfing legends. They are extremely nice and are all around epic humans. I am truly stoked that I have had the experience of knowing them, surfing against them, and also learning from them. They have a tremendous story and are looking to raise money to make a documentary on their […]